10:19 pm - Wednesday April 16, 2014

Bigg Boss 7 Opening Ceremony


Salman Khan started the controversial show Bigg Boss season 7 on 15th Sep 2013 in Saath 7 style on Colors. The show Bigg Boss has come up with many changes from selecting the contestants to the lovely pets.

This time there is a tag line for this Bigg Boss season which is truly Saath 7, meaning it’s different.

As per the tag line, one is a wacky hair stylist, two social activists, a divorced celebrity couple and ten others.

The first episode which was on Sunday was with glitz and glamour.

The handsome Salman Khan entertained the viewers with his dance performance and songs for the opening ceremony of Bigg Boss season 7.

Salman Khan had his own style which differed for each contestant in welcoming them into the Bigg Boss house.

At last Salman Khan was joined by Kareena Kapur who both gave an astonishing performance for her upcoming movie.

Bigg Boss season 7 starts from today i.e. 15thSep 2013 at 9.00pm.

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